In this section we feature a collection of zines that host some of the written reflections produced by second year students who took the Thinking Through Race course in its inaugural year. The zines are curated and designed by myself, Olivia Barnett-Naghshineh, after having the privilege of being the Associate Lecturer for Gabriel Dattatreyan’s course in 2019. As I read through the student’s work for their assessments, I felt sure that there was something to be gained from making them more widely available. The students take on the ambitions of the course to think deeply about each of our individual positionalities and how these shape and influence what we understand of anthropology, our shared but different colonial histories, and most importantly they are brave and daring in how they use writing to think through the complexities and nuances of race as a concept that continues to be a significant (but not only) structuring force in the (capitalist and patriarchal) world today. By maintaining a text only aesthetic, I seek to replicate how the texts came to me, in different fonts, with textual and graphic choices made by each of the students as they sought to emphasise their thoughts. Whilst the students may not have known it themselves, each of them presented themselves and their thoughts uniquely and the textual aesthetic was one way in which they did this. Whilst many of us in anthropology are on an ongoing journey of learning, unlearning and self-reflection, I hope anyone who reads these zines will be provoked into further questioning with the humility, honesty and enquiry that our students show here.


Emilia Charlotte Patrick                          

Maja Kjellevand Stensdal

Olivia Brierley

Bethany Anna Sherwin

Bethan Mary Winckler Davies

Imogen Marion Sweet

Akari Ishizaki

Samantha Sweeting

Barbara Franciszka Jones

Natasha Lawson

Luca Coutts