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The Decol Reading Group @Goldsmiths Anthropology seeks to bring together members of the department learning community to critically engage with key questions concerning the discipline in relation to the world we share.


Our core principles and goals for our time together are to:

· Create an alternate canon that foregrounds the insights of the formerly colonised and disrupts normative epistemological conceits about what is necessary or vital knowledge

· Collectively build our confidence and capacity to theorise and inhabit the world

· Equip ourselves with the knowledge and methods we need to critically engage with the most pressing questions we face

· decentre expertise and challenge hierarchies



This autumn 2020 we will be reading Chela Sandoval’s Methodologies of the Oppressed. Stay tune for details regarding our first meeting! We look forward to seeing you there. 

Julia Sauma, Avery Delaney and Gabriel Dattatreyan 

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