Several concepts that hold significance in anthropology quickly come under scrutiny when we begin to think about their colonial origins and the ways in which they continue to organize theory, method, and access in ways which exclude and make invisible.We believe one way to decolonise anthropology is to focus and think through these concepts as small instantiations of colonial thought as it collects like standing water over Anthropology’s history, thereby shaping the disciplines’ epistemological sight lines. In addition to these concepts we engage with and interrogate concepts that, broadly, form the lexicon for a decolonial anthropology. 


We chose these particular scholars - all anthropologists in the British academy  -to initiate this discussion based on our existing relationships with them.  We will continue to add new voices and different takes on this conversation on anticolonial, postcolonial, and decolonial thought and its relevance to anthropology.  

Research and video interviews by Nicole Mayangi.